Wednesday Chic: Summer Blues

2014.9.7SummerBluesJust when I thought I was never going to wear another maxi skirt again in my life, I went and pulled out my black one here and then my turquoise one yesterday. Somehow they are perfect for the end of summer – they are relaxed, yet dressy; great for warm weather but they keep you safe from chilly winds; and can we say comfy and still chic? I go into most of my days not sure what I want to wear, but as soon as my eyes fell on this skirt I knew I wanted an outfit of blues. I’m not sure I’ve ever worn this belt on the blog before either (maybe once…), but I love it. My husband looked at it and said it was a “weird” belt, but the gorgeous navy strap and fun gold buckle are amazing (and the fact that I got it for less than $5 is pretty great too). It was pretty big to be a high-waisted belt, so you can see the spots where I folded it over on itself and then safety pinned. It’s a great in a pinch fix while still keeping the length in case I ever wanted to use it lower on my hips.

2014.9.7Summerblues22014.9.7SummerBlues42014.9.7Summerblues3Outfit details: 

top – Soprano from Plato’s Closet / skirt – Susan Graver, thrifted / sandals – Zara / belt – thrifted / ring – my grandmothers




4 thoughts on “Wednesday Chic: Summer Blues

  1. Judy – thank you! A lot of hard work went into it. I won’t be attending Fashion Feeds the Byrd and I don’t know the RVAFW schedule yet. If anything catches my eye, maybe!

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