Sydney Page Style: The Launch!

**UPDATE – this giveaway is now closed**


Today is the day! Sydney Page Style is OFFICIAL. Well, officially a webpage. With services. And I even have testimonials. I think that makes it real right? I hope you’ll visit SPStyle – it’s the place where my professional “book” (portfolio) will live in a better format, services will be described, and contacts can be made. It will update as my projects update and my book grows.


I am still working on a few things on the business end, but since making the decision to have a launch this fall just a mere two months ago, I’ve come a long way. It’s no small joke starting a business and I now have a huge appreciation for those who have done this before. Maybe I’ll write a blog post about the process (anyone interested?), but for now, I’m just happy to be finished with what has seemed like constant, day and night, never ending work. I’m ready to break out a glass of bubbly!

This whole process wouldn’t have even been possible without a lot of good people and they deserve credit and mention here:

  • Andrew, my husband. He always tells and encourages me to pursue my dreams.
  • Immediate, extended, and in-laws, my family – too many names to name, but they would get snippets of news: working on my site! review this newsletter! preview my site! And they would look at it, cheer me on, and give feedback.
  • Jai, my best friend. Always honest, she tells me when something sucks but also gives me ideas on how to make it better.
  • Trevor, a social media turned IRL friend who has helped me navigate starting a small business and set up what he calls “the worst website template ever” (but it’s pretty!).
  • Norma from Baggio Consignment. She gave me my first retail experience, was one of the first business women I shared my dream with, and has always been a supporter of the many projects I’ve undertaken (some worked out, some not so much).
  • Jessica, my dear friend and first “practice” client. You showed me I could really do this.
  • Blog readers, supporters and the RVA community. Bloggers are just generally awesome, can I get an amen? Yes there’s competition, but supporting each other supports us all. Meeting my readers through blog events and get togethers and getting to develop friendships outside of the computer screen is fantastic. And RVA is just a great place to have a business – local movements and businesses are encouraged, there are so many people with not just locally successful businesses but nationally and globally successful businesses and I hope to develop business partnerships, friendships and mentorships from this community of creators.


PSSST: Don’t forget to enter this giveaway! Officially open to celebrate the launch and closes 9/15!

SydneyPageStyle Giveaway August FINAL




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