Monday Chic: Accent Jewelry and Brown’s Island

2014.8.24AccentJewelrySunday after church, I talked my husband into taking a few quick outfit photos. I usually stick to brick walls because it just works better but the day was just too gorgeous so we illegally parked and used this bridge overlooking Brown’s Island for some quick snaps. This outfit is built around very old wardrobe pieces but spiced up with a few simple things: a standout necklace (from my recent estate sale haul) and using this shirt in a different way. I tried it tucked in, but it didn’t have the loose easy vibe I was going for, so I simply took the two longer hems, tied them in a knot behind me and tucked the whole thing up under. I tend to hang on to basic pieces and then end up getting wear out of them when I least expect it. I  mean, who knew I would pull this maxi skirt out after having abandoned it for the larger part of the past three years?


Outfit details:

black tank – Forever 21 / grey top – United Colors of Benetton / skirt – New York and Co / sandals – Zara / necklace – estate sale / bracelets – assorted / ring – Nest / earrings – old

BONUS! Because the day was, seriously, beyond gorgeous, a few shots of Brown’s Island from our view on the bridge (these few shots don’t do the area justice). One of the things I love most about Richmond is the ability to feel like you are not in a city on nearly any given day. Richmond was named Outside Magazine’s Best River Town and the majority of activities and festivals happen around the river: mountain biking, running, rafting, tubing, kayaking, and just plain exploring. If you hop down to the Buttermilk Trail or even spend a day on the rocks, you will forget you are in a small urban city. One of our goals for next year is to begin investing in outdoor gear so we can really take advantage of what Richmond has to offer. We just purchased Camelbaks (and ummm they are expensive!) but I’m already researching kayaks for next summer. The long and short of it is that the city/river is just amazing and beautiful and I’m proud to call it home!





8 thoughts on “Monday Chic: Accent Jewelry and Brown’s Island

  1. Ooh that’s a good idea! I do turn to Craigslist when I get on a whim (like last winter when I was searching for ski gear), but sometimes it’s a little overwhelming (at least for things that need to be a certain size). I need to get back into searching it! But I am planning on hitting up the Style weekly annual used gear sale (usually around May/June). I hear they have great things.

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