NEW IG: @SHOPchicstripes

SHOP chic stripes IG screen shotThis week is the week of announcements, or so it would seem. I have started a new Instagram account called @SHOPchicstripes which will be dedicated to flash sales of closet clean outs, thrift finds, estate sale items, or other vintage goodies that I want to pass on to you. I have a confession: I come across a lot of awesome things in my shopping hunts and they aren’t always my size but I simply can’t NOT buy it and often do so under the pretex of “I need this for a photo shoot!” (another confession: there often aren’t actual shoots scheduled, just the potential of a shoot – must be prepared!). In the back of my head I’ve also harbored an idea of creating an online store to buy and sell all things second hand first (I’ve already got the named picked out too), so this is a small foray into that (plus it fuels my need to thrift and not leave behind all the awesome pieces).

The FIRST sale will feature closet items from my recent closet cleanse. I’ve got more than a few great cocktail dresses, casual wear, shoes and accessories; clothes will range in sizes XS-S with the occasional off size, shoes in 6-6.5. All measurements will be posted as well so you don’t have to just go by the size. Each item will be in fantastic condition or noted otherwise.

This sale will happen tomorrow night 8/21/14, starting at 7 PM EST. I’ve got all the rules over on that IG but it’s simple. See an item you want? Be the first to leave a comment and pay your PayPal invoice (sent the next business day, or that night if I’m feeling spry). Did I make it too easy to stock up on good things? Probably, but that’s why shopping second hand is so much fun. If you’ll be joining (and I hope you do), head on over to @SHOPchicstripes and give it a follow. Happy 2nd hand first shopping!



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