Friday Chic: A Relaxed (Husband’s) Favorite

2014.8.6Relaxed4Happy Friday! I can’t believe we’re already into August. I didn’t get nearly the tan I wanted this summer but now that we’re approaching fall, all I want is crisp cool weather, oversized turtlenecks, and all those lovely fall sights and smells. But fall is not here yet and we’re still having fairly warm days with a good amount of humidity so of course I’m back in the summer uniform of skirt + top. This cardigan (a few years old) is one of my husband’s favorites. Every. time. I wear it, he looks at it, smiles, and says some reiteration of how he likes this sweater and how much he likes my outfit that day. I love it of course. And it’s not a bad little cardigan, the shoulders have fun details and the navy meets my new color requirements, so it will survive the closet cleanse (working on THAT this weekend, so hopefully will have a few posts next week about the horrendous necessary closet DIY project).


Outfit details:

tank – H&M / cardigan – GAP / skirt – American Apparel / flats – Lanvin from Baggio Consignment / necklace – thrifted / ring – Nest


5 thoughts on “Friday Chic: A Relaxed (Husband’s) Favorite

  1. Thanks Julie! Thrifting is one of my favorite past times and I love that it extends past clothes to include books, furniture, jewelry, etc. Such a fun treasure hunt!

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