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Don’t you love a good quote on changes? They are always inevitable but not always easy. Since attending my styling classes (here, here here, and here), reading a ton of books (ok, 2 so far), and getting closer to pursuing a dream job (styling!), changes are in order. I’m working on an official website to showcase my styling work and where clients can find information about services. My goal is to launch this and my business come Fall 2014: Sydney Page Style! I’m slowing but surely refining things here on the blog to match the aesthetic and considering what to do about social media handles. I may or may not change them (don’t worry, if I do, they will just be a name change, you won’t loose me!) but I may just launch new ones. We shall see.

Regardless of the changes coming our way, this personal style blog, Chic Stripes, will remain the same. I may update the template, or go for a fresher look, but the basic format is staying the same. There’s nothing I dislike more than when a favorite blogger changes up their templates and now I have to click all over the place just to see what’s going on. I want to scroll gosh darn it and I refuse to make my blog non-scroll-able and cause that pain for you (too dramatic?).  So that being said, expect some changes this summer/fall. Please provide feedback on what you want to see more of on the blog (thinking more tips, tricks, advice than just personal style all the time, weigh in on social media handles too!), what’s working and what isn’t, but know that it’s all purposeful and leads towards one end: my own business!


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