Style Journey: Part 3 The Mood Board

MyStyleCollageMood board are my jam. I make them when working shoots, when working on house projects, when working with clients, and of course, just for inspiration. I used to go old school, tearing pages out of magazines and in fact, I still do. I have a binder full of images I love. But in today’s social focused world, using boards like Pinterest or Keep can be the way to go. Mood boards are also an integral part of my Style Journey (Part 1, Part 2) because they give you a visual to go by. It’s one thing to say you want black pants, but it’s another thing to see a pair of slouchy black pants compared to slim fitting black pants (and knowing you like the look of both).

After I finished my-self initiated Style Consultation (ok, so I technically started the board before, I was just excited), I began pinning furiously and selectively in my new board (check it out here). I was looking for very specific things:

  • No prints (or very few or very subdued)
  • Heavy on textures
  • No pastels (unless blush)
  • Deeply saturated colors
  • Classic looks
  • Easy to wear looks
  • Transitional looks (i.e. from office to drinks, errands to meetings)
  • Flats/sneakers
  • Fun pops of color amid a very neutral palette

Looking back on this list and my mood board, this is some of what I already wear/own, but now it’s all about loosing what I don’t wear, filling in missing items and finding those key investment pieces. The next phase in this style journey? Closet DIY completion, closet edit, closet must have list, then shopping!


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