Style Journey: Part 2 The Consultation


When I figured out I hated my closet (I attribute this to nearing 30 years old and needing a quality “adult” wardrobe), my first impulse was to launch a pinning spree. I typed in my first style icon: The Olsen Twins and after viewing 100+ photos, I realized they were no longer really a style icon for my personal style. Shocker, right? Fashion abomination? I still love their style, but I didn’t want to emulate it in my personal life. They were a little to flannel, bo-ho, grunge, and unkempt for me. What this revelation really meant to me was that I needed to do my client consultation – on myself. Because clearly, if the Olsen twins weren’t inspiring me, I needed to go back to the drawing board.

My Style Consultation has a range of questions designed to get at someone’s style such as lifestyle, personal style preferences, style icons, budget, shopping preferences and what they hope to achieve through the consultation and services. There are 40 questions in this and I’m proud to say I answered them all. It was really awesome to actually sit down and write out my style goals (for all intensive purposes) and really get a good idea on my style (as it stands as a near 30 year old). From here, I’ll be able to use this consultation to do my closet clean out, create my list of what I need/want, and really help me hone in when shopping.

Top 5 things I learned about myself from my Style Consultation:

  1. I need pieces in my wardrobe that are easy to care for. I love a good silk, sequin and leather piece, but I also don’t want to spend a fortune at the dry cleaners and I adore pieces I can wash and go, or at the very least, wash and then line dry.
  2. Lists, lists, lists. I know I am a list person, but I need to shop by a list. Otherwise, I get sidetracked by things that are pretty and shiny but that I do not end up wearing.
  3. Shopping research is necessary. My go-to for basics is H&M. I know there are places for basics that are a step up, but I don’t know what they are. I need to do my research, go shopping, and get better acquainted with what’s out there. Shopping 2nd hand for an entire year was great (and I will continue to shop 2nd hand), but I have a lot of retail catching up to do!
  4. Style Icons change! My old favorites were always the Olsens and Nicole Richie. No one else could even come close to living up the fashionista name. Well, times have changed and so have I (which brings up a good point: a style consultation should be done at least twice a year when the seasons change!). So who I am looking at now? A mix of bloggers like Juley, Sea of Shoes and Sincerely Jules. Fashion heavy hitters like Emmanuelle Alt or Miroslava Duma and celebrities like Angelina Jolie, and yes, every now and then an Olsen, but it will always be a specific type of look –  no grunge or baggy here!
  5. I actually love color. I spent a lot of years fighting color, wanting that certain fashion look of all black. Well you know what? I love black, but I also love things with color. My color is more muted, or tempered by darker accessories or pieces, but yea. I need color whether it’s a statement skirt, jacket, shoe or accessories. Just not all the colors at once please.

You can see My Style Journey Part 1 here.


5 thoughts on “Style Journey: Part 2 The Consultation

  1. That’s such a cool idea! It’s almost like an audit of your style. I think I need to do this because I find that half the items in my closet just don’t feel like a representation of my personal style anymore! And then sometimes I have no IDEA what I want my style to be!

  2. It makes SUCH a difference to just go through the questions and write down your answers. Style is funny because it DOES change but it can also help you hone in on what exactly you want your style to be, all the while keeping in your personality.

  3. I think your wardrobe is like your life, it is totally reflective of where you are and how you feel about yourself. I carry the same philosophy about my clothing as I do about my home décor. It’s OK to have a sit down with oneself and figure out where you are as a person and how does the clothing in your closet fit that person today. Great post, thank you for sharing!

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