Monday Chic & Style Journey: Part One

2014.7.26StyleUniformClothes are really important to me. It may sound superficial, but I spend a good deal of time thinking about what I want to wear, what’s in (or isn’t in) my closet, and how I want to express myself on a given day. Some days it goes more smoothly than others and late last week I tweeted about my hatred of everything in my wardrobe. It was just one of those days. I know you have them too. I have long thought, known, and even pursued the hallowed “fashion uniform.” You know, that wardrobe perfection where every piece in your closet is perfectly mixable and matchable. You have investment basics and cheap trends. The closet itself is painted and your shoes are stacked neatly with fresh flowers on each shelf. For me, this thought is a mix of the attainable and the overly thought-out. YES – you do need a wardrobe that is easily navigable for your lifestyle, your budget, your personality and your likes. But do you really need those picture perfect closets on Pinterest? Not necessarily. But you DO need a closet that, again, works with those four items I mentioned above.

2014.7.26StyleUniform2These thoughts hit home for me last week when I finally launched into my closet renovation and read this post by Lauren Messiah, this one by Juley, and this from Liz, which sent me here (trust me, they are worth the read).  They all talk in some way about the importance of a simplified style uniform. How clothes are important, but not that important. And, my theory, how if you streamline your wardrobe to just those pieces you love, you will stop obsessing over clothes. Stop crying when you feel like you don’t look good. Stop throwing shoes and dresses everywhere while feeling nothing fits just right. To borrow from the Latin phrase, clothes make the man, but they aren’t as important as the man himself (or herself).

2014.7.26StyleUniform3Clothes are inevitable. You have to wear them. Sometimes you just need help figuring this out. I mean, heck, everyone does. I am a personal stylist and this past weekend hated everything I own. It happens. So what am I going to do? I’m going to finish my closet DIY closet renovation. Gain 6 shelves where before I had 2. Establish closet order (no flowers though), and only restock my closet with clothes I wear or fit what I am working on as my “style uniform.” I will get comfortable with the idea of spending money on clothes. I’m actually fairly afraid I won’t have too many options for a while.  I’m going to document this process here so you’ll see the new closet. But you’ll also see the wardrobe transformation, how I did it, and easy steps that walk you through the process. Getting dressed should be fun and too many women fear that morning ritual or aren’t satisfied with the final product. Maybe you’ll even want to join me on this style journey?

Outfit details:

top – thrifted / pants – Banana Republic / tank – H&M / shoes – Aldo / necklace – thrifted / ring – Nest



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