#SchoolofStyle: Class 2 and Personal Styling

SchoolofStyleClass2It’s hard to believe it has been almost a month since my last School of Style classes. After being enrolled in School of Style, I don’t know how anyone ever became a stylist WITHOUT these classes! Seriously, the level of knowledge and real world experience that you get is amazing. So let’s cut the chit chat and let me tell you just a little of what I learned:

  • Class 2 was introduced after Class 1 and what is now known as Class 3, the styling boot camp, when the founders started realizing that their students didn’t have the fashion background necessary to excel at the top of their game.
  • We did a lot of historical stuff – covering the top designers and getting to know their aesthetic (Versace = sexy, Calvin Klein = minimalist, Rick Ownes = edgy/goth), stylists, and photographers.
  • Rule #1 and #2: Never let anything be “before your time” and “do your research!”
  • Back to the two points above, research is critical. We covered important books, magazines, movies, TV shows, and online resources to help jump start our studying. One of the worst things about the fashion industry is that it moves so fast its almost impossible to catch up. But you have to put in the studying. The best tip I heard this weekened was to take 15 minutes (instead of, you know, reading Buzzfeed), and look up all you can about a specific someone. Example: I took 15 minutes to research photographer Herb Ritts and in that amount of time I learned a quick biopic, what he was famous for, and saved more than a few of his images for my archives (FYI – “archives” is your huge computer file folder of inspirations.). But note – some photographers’ and stylists’ work may not be safe for work.  This is your warning.

SchoolofStylePersonalStylingPersonal Styling was the class I had been waiting for and wow – it did NOT disappoint! I wish I had taken this back when I first even had the idea that I wanted to pursue styling. My major takeaways:

  • Know the difference between a personal stylist, image consultant, and personal shopping. These terms will be used interchangeably but actually have very different meanings.
  • Build your business plan around services you want to offer! Don’t like group styling? Don’t offer it!
  • Invest in your equipment. Lauren recommend start up costs between $2-$5,000 and I can definitely see that being a reasonable price for ALL that you need. Also, take into account you aren’t buying that wardrobe rack from Target or a pricing gun from Walmart. So far I’ve managed on minimal equipment or by buying it one piece at a time. I bought my hand steamer a few weeks ago for an upcoming job. I was paid for that job, so now I can purchase a wardrobe rack. I plan to keep doing this until I am fully stocked, book more jobs, or strike it rich.
  • YOU ARE YOUR BRAND. Per Lauren’s recommendation, I bought and read (in 3 days), A Brand Called You. I am both incredibly excited and incredibly overwhelmed having read this book, but it completely changed my perspective and helped solidify some changes I am planning on making as it relates to marketing my website and blog.

Can you tell I love these classes? My notebooks are filled with notes and I’m bummed that School of Style is no longer offering classes in cities other than LA and NYC, but hey, that just means a fun trip is in store for when I save up enough money to take my final class (Class 3) before becoming a graduate.

UPDATE: If you participated in this giveaway – the winners are Liz, from I Heart Veggies and Paula from The Perfect Skirt! Liz and Paula – be on the lookout for an email and enjoy your new accessories!


3 thoughts on “#SchoolofStyle: Class 2 and Personal Styling

  1. Ah!!! I was already loving this post and THEN I find out I’m a winner ;) haha that’s awesome!

    I’m glad you liked the class!! It sounds SO cool. You’re already such a great stylist but I have no doubt you’re taking things to the next level!

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