Sunglass Styling Rules

FaceShapeImage here

One of the things I found to be a necessity while in LA (at least once the clouds broke mid-morning) were sunglasses. They were also an item under “Accessories” that we touched on in my School of Style Menswear Styling class on Saturday. Before this class, I had never really considered the issues men have deal with when choosing sunglasses: face shape, length of the arms, and head size (and never any large logos!). Certainly my husband would agree and he has developed a go-to frame over the years: a large, square style. Much like women, it is important for men to choose glasses that work for their face. If a man has a long, thin face, he should avoid narrow lenses; if a man has a round head, he should avoid round frames. I am notably not a beauty, accessories or sunglasses girl. I own two pairs. This is in part because I also have difficulties finding a good shape. I have tried and tried to work with aviators but they look awful on me! Round styles leave me looking like a small hippie, so I’m really only left with a few choices – small cat eyes (nothing too large) and small square shape.

KKxWP 2Images from the Warby Parker team

So what do these sunglass styling rules have to do with, well, anything? Today is the launch of Warby Parker’s newest collaboration with none other than model Karlie Kloss. And the collection just happens to adhere to the styling rules above: they are chic, simple, logo free, and work for most face shapes (for women anyway).  If I were choosing a design for myself, I would try the MARPLE style in gold (middle row, far right) as that is the closest to a square/small cat eye shape in this collection (you can look at them all here). While the designs themselves look amazing, as an added bonus to this collection, Warby Parker has pledged to make a donation to a nonprofit chosen by Karlie, Edible Schoolyard.  Edible Schoolyard provides low-income public schools with kitchens and gardens, and students, through a hands-on curriculum led by Edible Schoolyard staff, learn the tools to develop lifelong healthy habits. The donation [from Warby Parker] will benefit two community farm stands in Brooklyn and East Harlem, where kids learn about food preparation in their own neighborhoods. And just to keep things interesting, with the purchase of any Warby Parker glasses, one will get donated to someone in need. As a nonprofit professional, I love anything that marries fashion and doing good and as if you really needed more excuses to add to your sunglass collection!

And if you think all I learned about in my class were sunglass rules, think again. Full post coming soon with everything I learned (including how to tie a tie!).

This post was brought to you by Warby Parker. I was not compensated and all opinions are my own.



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