#LA Here I Come

BlogCollagePhotos via Chic Stripes and School of Style Pinterest

I must confess. I have been in a RUT. So  many people around me are doing crazy things like quitting their jobs to take on something else and while I think they are somewhat crazy, I am also a little jealous. They are doing what they want to do and taking the plunge to make it happen. Honestly, that takes so much courage. Starting something from scratch is incredibly hard.

It seems a little trip to California is just what I need to shake things up. This month is exciting – I’ll be in LA for the Menswear Styling Class (today through Saturday!) and then in DC late June for the Personal Styling and Art of Styling Classes (all classes by School of Style) and I’m setting up my appointments to complete my website for a business launch in the fall. I’ve got ideas popping around my head again and it feels good to be getting creative.

So get ready for some weekend LA instagrams (follow me at chicstripes) as I navigate the beach, traffic (praying for no), high priced water, and lots of green juices (gotta live the LA life right?).



4 thoughts on “#LA Here I Come

  1. Will be following you on instagram! Accept the traffic (there is always traffic there) and enjoy your adventure!

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