Monday Chic: Moschino

2014.6.1MoschinoIn a word, the Moschino style aesthetic is designed to provoke – whether it’s through its most recent fast food inspired runway show or through its typical eye-jarring use of colors and patterns. Moschino may not be the easiest brand to translate from the runway into the “real world,” but there’s no denying its street style and fashion-savy appeal. This past weekend, I found a fantastic Moschino belt at a local thrift store (this being the second Moschino belt I’ve had the luck to find in the second hand market) which I snapped up as soon as I saw it thinking, “Knock-off!” A quick turn over, however, and there were all the signs of a legit find: serial markings, hand-stamped etc. For $1.50 how could I say no?? The remainder of this outfit was inspired by the hands down most beautiful weekend we’ve had (can I get everyone in RVA to say amen?) – skirt, silk top, plus a little edge (enter: Moschino). All of the other pieces are those dirt cheap pieces from Forever 21 and *gasp* Charlotte Russe. But for whatever reason, I’ve hung on to them and keep inventing them in modern ways. But that’s the fun in fashion – you just keep reinventing and creating!


Outfit details:

top – thrifted / skirt – Forever 21 / wedges – Charolette Russe / bag – Guess, eBay /sunglasses – Prada / belt – Moschino, thrifted


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