Wednesday Chic: Sister Style

2014.5.23SisterStyleDressing up for the most minuscule of events has always been a past time for myself and my two younger sisters. Our beach trip this past weekend was no exception. After a long day in the sun, we got dressed up for $3.99 pizza and a tour of my sister’s work campus. While my sisters and I have wildly different styles and sizes, there are times when we dress very, very similarly. There’s just something about wide legged pants, silk tops, and fun necklaces that speak to a variety of women.

2014.5.23SisterStyle22014.5.23SisterStyle32014.5.23SisterStyle42014.5.23SisterStyle52014.5.23SisterStyle6Outfit details (on me):

top – thrifted / pants – thrifted / sandals – Zara / necklace – borrowed from my sister 

Outfit details (on her):

top – thrifted / pants – thrifted / necklace – Target 


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Chic: Sister Style

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