Monday Chic: Easy Uniform

2014.5.8EasyUniform2The past two weeks at my day job have been nothing short of chaotic, stressful, drama-inducing, and early mornings with long hours. I’m coming out of the majority of my project deadlines (only to enter another one next month, but thankfully I’ve got back up) this week and I am planning to schedule a massage and haircut STAT. As I spent most of my days hunched over a computer or holed away in the library, my outfits were pretty casual: jeans, flat shoes, and a cozy sweatshirt (I recently bought this from Target and 1) yes it was my first retail purchase since my #SecondHandFirst pledge ended, 2) I held on to it a few days before removing the tag to determine if I really loved it, 3) I can always use more “lounge” pieces, and 4) I think I wore this for three days straight). If I had to make it to the office my casual outfits were punched up with kitten heels and a blazer. It’s a combo that never fails to bring a little needed polish while still remaining comfy enough to hit those deadlines.


Outfit details:

tank – thrifted / blazer – H&M from Ashby / jeans – GAP from Ashby / cuff – Barry Kieselstein-Cord from Baggio Consignment / ring – the Nest / heels – Salvatore Ferragam from Baggio Consignment 


6 thoughts on “Monday Chic: Easy Uniform

  1. Hopping over from Citizen Rosebud! Congrats on your anniversary pledge! I also took the #shopsecondhandfirst. I’ve always been thrifty and enjoy recycling clothes.

    Your outift is casual but still very chic! Hope you enjoy your massage and I’m sure you will look great in your new haircut.

    – Karen

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