#WhoIsBaggio Campaign Featuring @IHeartVeggies

IMG_0989My favvvvorite photo!

Images from the #WhoisBaggio campaign shot back in February! I’m so excited to share these. Baggio released their campaign a few weeks ago and Liz has already shared on her blog. Here are a few others that weren’t published just for you lovely readers. The shoot was so fun (if not a TON of work) and Liz did an amazing job modeling the clothes.  The campaign evolved out of a desire to market Baggio through local bloggers while capturing both their spirit and the luxury of the clothes Baggio offers. We came up with the name, booked the photographer and model and we were off! The clothes were chosen to fit Liz’s lifestyle: blogging, eating and shopping local and healthy, lots of brunches and happy hours and of course the occasional fancy night out. The pieces we ended up with were sublime: Etro, Akris, Isabel Marant, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Chanel, and the list goes on. Can’t you just see her shopping Baggio now??

IMG_0557-2IMG_1189IMG_0680IMG_0862IMG_0521-2IMG_1164IMG_0703IMG_0927IMG_0571-2IMG_0724IMG_1192-2And of course the team! I can’t say enough thank yous to Norma and Sarah from Baggio and of course special thanks to Katyee for capturing the first campaign!


Photographer: Kaytee Lauren / Model and Make Up: Liz Parent / Stylist and Hair: Sydney Lester / Assistant Stylist: Sarah Tappen / Wardrobe from: Baggio Consignment / Thanks to our locations: Carytown Bistro and Coffee House, Carytown Farmer’s Market, Can-Can, Byrd Theater


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