Wednesday Chic: Layered Casual

2014.3.21LayeredCasualEver have days when you just need a quick and easy uniform? That’s almost every day for me so I tend to re-wear outfits frequently, but one of my goals this year to is create a wardrobe that I can easily mix and match. This sounds a little like paper dolls or a child’s game, but think about how great it would be to have a wardrobe in which you could easily take any top and pair it with any bottom and have it work? To me, this is the definition (at least for now) of a carefully curated wardrobe that reflects true personal style. One item that I know will make it into this mix and matched wardrobe? Vests and layering neutral pieces – they go with everything and quickly add that touch of chic that transform an every day outfit into something worth remembering; and if you’re me, repeating.

2014.3.21LayeredCasual32014.3.21LayeredCasual22014.3.21LayeredCasual4What is your definition of a curated wardrobe?

Outfit details:

top – H&M / vest – Guess, thrifted / jeans – J. Brand, Finicky Fox / ankle boots – Vince Camuto / scarf – H&M / sunglasses – Prada / rings – silver, The Nest; gold, thrifted / earrings – Clothes Mentor Short Pump


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