#Fashion360 RVA


Ever since I attended the first Fashion 360 in DC last September, I have been looking for ways to bring this conference to Richmond. I LOVED the conference and knew everyone in Richmond would as well because it’s unlike anything we currently have in the fashion community. Sure, you can attend a four year school and major in some fashion related area. Sure, you can attend various fashion related events, runway shows, or networking happy hours. But there is nothing in Richmond that provides a fashion-based educational/learning experience in 1 day. SOOO I am super excited to share with you this year’s #Fashion360 RVA event! Tickets are a steal this year  at $60 early bird, $40 student. I paid $80 for mine last year (disclosure – totally worth it and would pay it again!) so trust me, you need to sign up ASAP. Especially since tickets go up to $75 if you don’t get ’em soon. Will I see you there?

I am working on a paid basis with District Fete to organize this event, but I did so because I love it! I do not receive any commission for any links clicked in this post.


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