Simplicity Challenge (and some #RVACoffeeLove)

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This week I have been doing a series of posts on living a clutter free life. Today is the last post (for now) and I wanted to issue you a challenge of sorts. It’s great to read posts like this and be inspired, but what do you do with it then? If you are anything like me, you start making lists. But because lists can quickly get too long or tedious, I’ve kept it short and sweet. Need It/Want It/Loose It Challenge:

  1. Loose it: Do your own closet edit. Go through your closet and be hard! Get rid of items you haven’t worn in a while that are special occasion items. You don’t wear printed pants but you have several pairs? Out they go. You bought a super cute top for $5 but haven’t worn it? Out it goes. You get the picture. Pair down your closet!
  2. Want It: Make a list. There are lots of things I want. A designer bag. Cute sneakers. A new dress. But there are a few things I need: jeans to replace two older pairs (note that I am not adding, I am replacing), sweaters to replace my worn out sweaters, cute sneakers or flat boots for shoots. The thing here is to divde your list into two columns: need and want. Buy want you need (quality version please) and then focus on what you want (quality still), but make sure you are clearing out clutter first.
  3. Need It: Sell and buy. Remember those items we cleaned out from our closet? Chances are you can make a little bit of money from them. Head to your nearest consignment or resell store and see what you can get! Remember to restock, but go back to your list.

I will be undertaking this challeng in February and March. I’ve already started by cleaning out several sweaters and tops I don’t wear and selling them to a local consignment store. I got $126 in store credit which I will put towards jeans, sweaters, or other needed items. I will also be sharing it with my husand so he can stock up too. I think the hardest part for me will be getting rid of things like bags, belts and scarves. I have so many (I may need them one day!), but truly only use/wear a few. I’ll be sharing my progress with you here on the blog! Will you be taking the challenge with me? What will be your hardest challenge? Be sure to share your progress!

PS. There’s something cool brewing in Richmond today, but it can be done anywhere! PicMonkey Collage

What: Random act of love of RVA community by buying a cup of coffee for a stranger at any coffee shop, convenience store or restaurant on Valentine’s Day. Then use hashtag #RVACoffeeLove on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to share the experience.
Why: Because you want to share love and kindness. Because it’s Valentine’s Day. Just because.
When: On Friday, 2/14/14, all day
Where: Anywhere that sells coffee or other beverages.
Will you be sharing the coffee love?

2 thoughts on “Simplicity Challenge (and some #RVACoffeeLove)

  1. I have been doing some similar stuff over here, trying to get rid of everything I don’t need!! I have SO much stuff, and Alex and I are moving into a small apartment after we tie the knot, so this is the perfect reason for me to start ditching stuff I don’t need!

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