2014 Goals – January Recap

2014 Goals - January RecapPhoto: IG photo of Richmond and the James River from the Nickel Bridge. Follow me at chicstripes for many more sunrises!

At the beginning of 2014 (can you believe it’s February 3 already??), I wrote out some pretty detailed and personal goals and shared them here. I also came across a goal related blog post that I loved – the idea of writing small, achievable goals each month is so appealing and pretty realistic. So I figured, why just share my goals, when I can share my goals and my progress each month? This is rather lengthy, so grab something good to drink and let’s go.


  1. Thinking before reacting. I definitely haven’t cured myself of this one yet, but I like to think I’ve made some progress, namely in that I’ve made a bunch of mistakes and realized I’ve reacted before thinking; prompting apologies and a lot of self-reflection. Report card: B-
  2. STOP manipulating situations for my personal gain. I haven’t really had this instance yet, but I have become fairly well aware of my need to always be right (the right thing to do, the right way to drive, etc.) and despite a few snafus, I’ve held my tongue in other situations. Considering I’ve not really had a situation, I’ll give myself a B.
  3. Spending more time with my planner. While I had big plans of starting each day off with coffee, quiet time, and double checking my calendar, I have managed to at least start off the first work day of the week in this  manner. I go into my work office Monday mornings at 8 AM. This hour alone at my desk is the perfect time to review my week, make lists, ensure I am not over committing myself and just prepare myself for all that is to come. Report card: A-!
  4. Regaining my spiritual footing. We’re attending a home church with great people we really admire. The past three weeks we haven’t attended as we were out-of-town, had people in town, or just a busy day. I’m looking forward to getting back into things this week. I’ve also been trying to read, journal and pray daily. This has paralleled our attendance at home church, so that has dropped off a little the past three weeks as well. Report card: B+.


  1. Build meaningful relationships. I ascribe to the philosophy of having a few good friends versus many aquantiences. This is a characteristc of introverted persnoalities and I do struggle sometimes with straddling the line of professional friendships versus my own internal un-need (is this a word?) for these types of relationships. Report card: C.
  2. Be present. The first two weeks back to my full-time job in January almost killed me (ok so not really, but it felt like it). I had two huge government contracts and grants to write as well as a government grant report to complete. I shut myself in my office for days, typing and listing to Coffitivity. I did make it to a birthday lunch, but know I need to take more breaks through the day and just talk with people. Report card: C.
  3. Don’t let my ISTJ tendencies rule my life. After taking the Myers Briggs, this has kind of become an inside work joke. When I am uptight and stressed I blame it on my ISTJ. In some aspects, it’s helpful, because it gives people a reason for my tendencies and, hopefully, they don’t take it personally. Report card: B.


  1. Write a business plan. I didn’t touch this the entire month of January until a few days ago. About early-mid January, I started talks with a local magazine which was looking for an editor to take over in Richmond. While I was hesitant (this wasn’t going with my transition plan people!), the idea grew on me and I was really excited to have an exploratory meeting. So imagine my extreme disappointment when I got the word that they found someone who was ready t start immediately and we would no longer need to meet. I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel like crying and I’m not really sure what this taught me, but I knew I needed to get back to my business plan and get it done to be completely ready for the next opportunity. Report card: D.
  2. Create and launch a professional website. It’s a good thing this goal is written down and I’m doing recaps because otherwise this would get left in the dust. Well, I’m also paying hosting fees, so that’s pretty good incentive. I haven’t touched this one besides narrowing down two templates, but I do have a meeting tonight to get things moving. So…report card: C+.

So there you have it. My goals, my progress, and my grades for January. Let’s hope by December I’ve made honor roll.

What are your goals? How are you tracking your progress and working towards meeting those goals?


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