Friday Chic: Brunch

2014.1.19WinterWhitesI rarely go out to the most beloved of all meals (at least here in Richmond): brunch. So I am really not ever sure what to wear. Is it a dressed up event? Do I wear jeans and a hoodie like I just rolled out of bed? What’s in between? Heels, no heels? See what I mean: it’s a convoluted dressing situation. To add to this: I was brunching with the ladies of Baggio, a pretty fashionable group (Chanel and Hermes bags galore). This is what I came up with: wide-legged pajama-like pants, cozy t-shirt, ankle boots, and glam jewelry. I think this covers all possible brunch attire situations.

2014.1.19WinterWhites-42014.1.19WinterWhites-32014.1.19WinterWhites-22014.1.19WinterWhites-5Have you cracked the code on brunch dressing?

Outfit details:

t-shirt – Greta Pollman via Etsy / pants – thrifted / ankle boots – Vince Camuto / jacket – H&M / scarf – thrifted / necklace – from my grandmother / ring – the Nest / earrings – Clothes Mentor Short Pump / bag – Dooney and Bourke, thrifted


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