Follow Here, Follow There, Follow Everywhere

SocialmediaIf you’re reading this blog, then you know that social media platforms are everywhere. There are a gazillion (quite literally) different places to interact, share, have fun, and just be…social. I tend to stick with the basics and if you’re itching to be social, then here are just a few places you can find me and why you should find me in 2014.

ChicStripesFBCollage2Facebook – the original social media platform (which I would just like to point out, I was on when it launched to just a few select colleges. Have I just dated myself?). My feed gets updates from all of my blog posts, but I also share fashion news that peaks my interest and that I think you, my readers, would enjoy. These are exclusive to my Facebook page, so make sure you follow to stay in the fashion loop. You can find me on Facebook here.

Twitter – my social media love. I seriously can’t say enough things about Twitter. This is the one social media platform that I can also guarantee I will be on daily. I do everything from talk to all of my favorite Twitter friends, RT fun links and just generally have a good time. Come chat me up! You can find me here.

Instagram – social media, in photo form. Ok, so I also love Instagram. This is where I share more about my personal life: runs at the river, my husband and our lovely cats (yes, plural), lots of coffee, 2nd hand finds, sunrises (a ton), and other fun life stuff.  You can find me here.

Pinterest – social media for the insanely bored. I have a pinterest. I update it…less than frequently, but it’s still filled with gorgeous fashion photos. You can find me here.

Youtube – social media in real life. All videos on my Youtube channel also get shared on my blog, but they are handy here in one place. I’ll also let you in on a little secret. If you follow my Youtube channel, you’ll be the first to know when a video is about to hit the blog. Nothing like having that in. You can find me here.

Let’s get social!


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