A Year of 2nd Hand 1st Outfits

11 thoughts on “A Year of 2nd Hand 1st Outfits”

  1. Thank you for sharing your year of 2nd hand 1st outfits. I would love to try this challenge for 2014. Can you provide a list of 2nd hand shops (if you haven’t already)?

    Shana R. Demby
    Program Administrator
    700 Quarters Rd., Bldg 12400
    Room 145
    Ft. Lee, VA 23801
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  2. I agree, there is a sense of accomplishment only shopping 2nd hand. Plus I love the surprise of it – not knowing what (if anything) you’ll find. I also feel like i’ve been buying more quality rather than quantity. but the flipside of that is I ended up with WAY more clothes than I need simply because used clothes are so much more affordable than new ones.

  3. You are so right that sometimes you do actually end up with more clothes thrifting because the prices is so good! I hadn’t thought of that when I was writing my recap.

  4. This is great and I’m really impressed you were able to keep it up for the whole year. I tend to challenge myself and then immediately give up. I’m a Virginia Blogger, as well, and have a blog on fair trade and sustainable fashion; this year I’m planning on focusing on a particular sustainable fashion goal each month. I think breaking it up into chunks will work better for me. I tend to visit thrifts pretty frequently, too, since I resell vintage on etsy. It’d be great to keep in touch; maybe I’ll finally come to a blogger meet-up. – Leah, wisestyle.wordpress.com

  5. Thanks! It helps that I actually LOVE thrifting and finding a good deal. I checked out your blog – I love it! Sustainable fashion is a very big thing. It gives you something else to think about when buying clothes. Come to the next VA bloggers meet up! Hopefully we can chat.

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