Monday Chic: Brown Cords

2013.12.12BrownCords4You can pretty  much be assured that when you enter a thrift store you will leave with something, most likely a cool accessory, be it a bag, belt, or jewelry. You may also get lucky with a vintage coat, sweater, skirt or top. But pants…man, are pants so much harder! Finding a pair of pants from the thrift store that fits is like finding a gold nugget when mining (the first anaolgy that came to me). I stumbled across these J. Crew brown cords at Goodwill sometime last year. While I wasn’t sure the size would fit (a whole size larger than what I usually where in J. Crew), I figured I would try them on anyway. My first rule of thumb when thrifting is to ignore all size lables and try for fit and love. If you love it but it doesn’t fit, it can be altered. And if it fits but you don’t love it…well, then I would usally say don’t buy it. These J. Crew cords fit both criteria: they fit and I loved ’em.  Did I mention they were only $2? As an added plus, they are thick and perfect for these 30 degree weather days we’ve been having. Now if only it would snow!

2013.12.12BrownCords32013.12.12BrownCords22013.12.12BrownCordsWhat is the hardest thing for you to find at a thrift store? Is it tops, shoes, or something else?

Outfit details:

Sweater – Urban Outfitters / cords – J. Crew from Goodwill / boots – Vince Camuto / scarft – thrifted / coat – J. Crew from their warehouse sale / bracelet – Barry Kieselstein-Cord from Baggio Consignment / ring – from the Nest 


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