Sydney Page Style: BTS 2nd Hand 1st Shoot for GRID Magazine

GroupShotSeveral months ago I organized a very fun project for GRID Magazine featuring people who live and work in Richmond that also have a very distinct style that they’ve cultivated from…where else…second hand shopping. We had a great time shooting the project and my thanks go out to all of them for willing to be a part of it, to Victor who inspired the project by approaching me to work on something, and to Paul at GRID for working with me to publish the piece. Now on to those behind the scenes shots!

BTS-UrbanFarmhouseWe shot the project at Urban Farmhouse in Shockoe Bottom and it was the perfect location. I wanted something a little bit urban, but also really loved the cozy coffee shop vibe. When I contacted Brae she was immediately down with the idea and shared that she herself shops second hand first, so naturally I extended her an invitation to be a part of the shoot.

BTS-HannahI included my little sister Hannah in the project as we have always grown up thrifting and since she’s a freshman at VCU this year, it was easy to scoop her up and convince her to come.

BTS-GetTheShotIt was a lot of fun to watch Victor shoot as he was all over the place trying to get the perfect angle. Admittedly, I do not know much about photography, editting and the like, so it’s always fun when a pro is on hand to do all of that for you.

BTS-ShoesAs any shoot goes, you end up with way more photos than you can every really publish, but they are fun to have and look back on. Victor did a great job of capturing little details like everyone’s shoes.

BTS-DetailsOne of my favorite things about this project were all of the little details that emgered. We were in the middle of shooting the indivdual photos, when one of Brae’s friends came up on her own, vintage bike. We used that as a prop in Margaret’s shot and I just loved the organicness of how it came together.

See if you can’t incorporate some second hand first into your day today (it doesn’t just have to be clothes!) and let me know how you did it. I would love to hear!


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