Friday Chic: Winter Plaid

2013.11.24BRMonogramFullI get very excited over plaid, wool, and vintage. I have quite a few skirts hanging in my closet that I’ve nabbed from the thrift store. Something about a long ago era just speaks to me and I love mixing it up to make it a little more modern. For this outfit, I partnered with Monogram and Banana Republic Factory Stores to style a dress for the winter season. I tried on several dresses in my BRFS. The first was in a body hugging red lace which made me feel quite adventurous, but was definitely not me (I think I’ve worn lace on the blog once and a tight dress never??). The second dress was a more fitting style, very small grey/white houndstooth print with a high waist and accompanying belt (if I had loved this dress that attached belt would have bitten the dust), but still wasn’t doing it for me. This plaid dress was the last I tried on and I fell in love with it immediately. The style, the cut, and the design are all so me and I look forward to reworking it with a variety of different accessories and outerwear this winter. Now, even though I love the dress, there are a few size issues my tailor will need to address: taking in the waist, slimming the upper sides a bit, nipping in the arm holes and raising the shoulders (which will also raise the hem slightly) – whew. I tried this dress on in a size smaller (for your reference, I bought it in a size 2, tried on a size 0 as well), and while the above noted issues were of a better fit, I could barely walk as the lower half was tight across my hips (if you want my measurements so you can compare if you do try on a similar dress, please email me!). Alterations aside (which are not a bad thing, tailored clothes make anything look and feel more luxurious), the dress is beautifully made with a full lining and wool shell which kept me quite warm on our first Richmond day with below freezing temps.

Now the ultimate question: would I have bought this dress if I found it second hand? Absolutely! The quality is great; I adore the pattern; and at 2nd hand, the price points would have been reasonable (I am guessing $30 or under). In my former, retail shopping life, would I have purchased this dress? Maybe, maybe not. It would depend on several things: the price point, the sale, did I need the dress/would I wear it and alterations needed. BFST is offering 50% off all dresses from 12/2-12/12 right now, which would bring this dress down to $50. Not too bad for the wool material and fully lined dress. BF and BFST are known for their extreme clearance sales, and if this dress happened to pop up there, my former retail, clearance aisle, shopping self would be all over that. So the long and short is, (former self), yes, depending on price points and (current self) yes, if I found it second hand. All in all, a plaid dress seems to be a winner.

2013.11.24BRMonogramDetails2013.11.24BRMonogramBag2013.11.24BRMonogramDo you find yourself drawn to a particular style, shape, or pattern with clothing?

Outfit details:

dress – c/o of Monogram and Banana Republic Factory Store / blazer – H&M from Ashby Consignment / belt – from Hope Thrift / boots – BCBG Generation / rings – one vintage, one from my grandmother / bracelet – from my grandmother / earrings – from Clothes Mentor Short Pump / clutch – thrifted

AD: If you love outlets and a good sale, Banana Republic Factory Stores are offering 50% off all dresses from 12/2-12/12.

The dress in this post was provided by Monogram and Banana Republic Factory Stores free of charge. My thoughts about the dress are my own (and my husband’s – this was his favorite).

Please let me know what you thought about this post. 2013 has been dedicated to shopping 2nd hand 1st and creating a quality wardrobe. 2014 may bring additional sponsored posts, but they will be ones that will always feature quality clothing that I love and would recommed to you; and of course they will always feature the addition of my 2nd hand first accessories! That is a lifestyle choice and it’s not going anywhere. I have a post all about comparing retail and second hand first coming  up for you in 2014 and let’s just say retail is not my scene. Thank you all for reading and commenting each day!


4 thoughts on “Friday Chic: Winter Plaid

  1. I think this post is awesome! I would love more like this! Especially because even though I totally believe in second hand shopping, sometimes (for specific needs or gifts) I want to know what’s out there! :)

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