Monday Chic: Runway Worthy

2013.11.19RunwayWorthySo I do a fair amount of scheduling my posts (a professional girl + wife + ocassional babysitter + exerciser + cat mom has gotta do something to stay on top of it all!) and feel like a winner when I have a week all planned out. But there are days when it doesn’t quite go as planned, or those weeks when the weather goes from unseasonably warm, to fridgid (when these photos were taken), back to warm, and then very cold over the weekend. Crazy. I say all that to say, I tend to stock up on outfit posts and they may be a touch out of sync with a given day. But the style points still remain, or so I hope! Speaking of style, I wore this get up to work last Tuesday. Actual conversation:

my boss: “Where ARE you going today? Is there a runway show I didn’t know about? Are you wearing fur?” me: “Yes. And No. It’s just Tuesday.” him: *stares*. me: Tomorrow is Wednesday, you can wear something fun tomorrow.”

Suffice it to say, there’s nothing wrong with overdressing. Especially when it comes in the form of a knitted fur coat/cape and amazing boots.

2013.11.19RunwayWorthyDetails2013.11.19RunwayWorthyBoots2013.11.19RunwayWorthyBackDo you ever overdress for an occassion, but rock it like it’s jeans?

Outfit details: top – H&M / dress – GAP / jacket – no label, from Baggio / belt – thrifted / boots – BCBG  Generation 


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