Monday Chic: Mixed Patterns

2013.11.8MixedPatternsHappy Monday/Veteran’s Day! I am fortunate enough to have today off, so I hope you do as well! Even if you don’t, take a second to watch, and appreciate, this video.  (POST UPDATE: I never heard of this organization prior to seeing this video on Facebook. This isn’t an endorsement or an encourgement to donate to their cause. I just enjoyed their video of the process.) I shared it on my Facebook page a few days ago, but it shows just how important appearance can be for self-esteem, self-worth, and dignity. Some may say that fashion and clothes and dress are irrelevant; that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. I believe that whole heartedly, but I also believe that fashion and clothes and dress can bring out the best of what’s inside someone. That’s why I love doing what I do through this blog. Changing someone’s perspective of themselves through a simple outfit change can make all the difference in the world (and it’s easy)!

Moving on to this particular outfit, it’s one that made me smile. I don’t typically mix patterns as my own style is fairly simple and I gravitate towards solids, but I loved this particular mix and it was easy to wear simply by focusing on the navy color palette and keeping the patterns of a different size/texture.  I wore this very casually for a day of meetings, at the office, and then a client closet audit, but it would be fun to dress this up with a pencil skirt or even a flared, A-line skirt.

2013.11.8MixedPatternsclose2013.11.8MixedPatternsSide2013.11.8MixedPatternsDetailsHave you braved pattern mixing? If so, what are your go-to combinations? If not, what’s holding you back?

Outfit details:

top – from Plato’s Closet / jacket – J. Crew from The Hall Tree / jeans – Banana Republic / boots – Aldo / scarf – thrifted / ring – sterling silver from The Nest / earrings – Stella and Dot


4 thoughts on “Monday Chic: Mixed Patterns

  1. What a coincidence, today I wore a striped sweater too! The video was very moving, I didn’t know about that charity organization, that’s a great cause. Thanks for sharing xx

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