Event: 4th Ever Thrift Crawl Recap

thriftcrawlcollageA few weeks ago I hosted my 4th ever thrift crawl. A thrift crawl is very similar to a bar crawl minus the alcohol. Once the starting location is chosen, you thrift, hunt, peruse, and then you head to the next location to start the whole process over again. If you are a thrifter at heart (meaning: you love the hunt and potential to find great treasures), then you will want to attend the next time! For this trip I started at Fantastic Thrift, a main stay thrift store in Richmond. They tend to have great items, especially if you can hit the $1 rack, but on the whole prices have skyrocketed. I blame Macklemore for the $10 button down I bought for my husband (see him model it here).

thriftcrawlcollage2Up next were my two TBD stores: Addison Handmade and Vintage and Yesterday’s Herero’s Vintage, two newish vintage stores that have opened up right next to each other and that have gotten quite a lot of press as of late. In Addison, I ran into my friend Merry (hey!) looking gorgeous as ever (if you need a fantastic hair cut, hit her up at Circle Square Salon) and quickly fell in love with the tons of vintage bags they had. Seriously, they are a vintage bag lovers heaven.

thriftcrawlcollage3After browsing in Addison, I headed next door to Yesterday’s Herero’s and was drawn to the ruggedness of the store. It is great place to find men’s vintage pieces. I chatted with Drew, the owner for a bit and made promises to bring my husband in (eek, sorry Drew – it’s still on our agenda!). He also shared about the Well-Worn Market happening Sunday, November 17 at Gallery 5, 11 AM – 5 PM. If you’re in the Richmond area, you should hit up this pop-up shop – there will be tons of vendors all selling vintage/handmade. 2nd hand 1st is all the rage for the holidays! All in all it was a great afternoon and I found some new stores that are definitely on my shop list.

Have you been thrifting lately? If so, what are your favorite stores? Let me know and they just might make it on the next thrift crawl!


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