Monday Chic: Rainy Day Style

2013.10.13RainyDayStyleFullAfter this past week, I think I get an idea of what it’s like to live in Seattle. My Hunter boots and rain coat have become my best friends and I’m even starting to like feeling the fine, misting rain on my face. Ok, so maybe I’m not that far gone. But it has been raining straight for almost a week now and I’m pretty darn gettign used to it. In the rainy weather, I’ve alternated between galoshes and regular old, beat-up boots. Both get the job done and at least the beat-up ones still manage to look chic. I love a little sparkle for every day wear, so of course I can’t resist piling it on for a rainy day. Surest way to combat the dreariness!2013.10.13RainyDayStyleSmile2013.10.13RainyDayStyleClose2013.10.13RainyDayStyleFull2What kind of shoes do you use to combat rainy weather? 

Outfit details:

sweater – thrifted / jeans – H&M / rain coat – Banana Republic / boots – Coclico / necklaces – J. Crew and thrifted / ring – sterling silver from The Nest / 


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