Event: Fashion 360

Fashion360-Collage1(1) Starbucks and (not for Target) Phillip Lim bag currently at Baggio Consignment  // (2) DC buildings in the early morning sun // (3) 7th Street

This past Sunday I spent the day in DC for the Fashion 360 conference put on by District Fete. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, having signed up primarily to see Cameron Silver of Decades fame (think the guy who brought vintage to LA), but several days before the conference I began to get excited as I read more about what was planned: speakers, networking, panels, and advice on topics I was actually excited to learn about as they seemed so, well, practical. And practical and useful is always a good thing, no?

Fashion360-Collage2.5The day started out with an inspirational speech by Lindsey Mask, an entrepreneurial woman who helps women be the best version of themselves. My favorite portion of her talk were her 4 steps to empowerment: 1) Get educated (like attending this conference), 2) Get Mentored (find someone reputable to invest in you), 3) Get evaluated (honest feedback is so important), 4) Be Set Free (you are ready to do your own thing because you’ve accomplished 1-3).

Fashion360-Collage3(1) Erin of Scandalous Beauty // (2) Makeda of Glamazon Diaries with Lianne of The Makeup Girl  // (3) Nicole of Start Up Fashion with Andrew, the President of District Fete

For the first break out session, I chose the blogging panel. Some of what I heard was no surprise; things like: you won’t make money from ads on your blog, you better be professional (i.e. limited cursing, good grammar, attitude in check), and collaboration is key. But it was the few litte things I never knew (like only using one category when posting or else Google will flag you for duplication) that made this panel so worth while. Having paid little to no attention to stats or the business side of blogging, the panelists made it seem less daunting. It was also great to hear from bloggers who aren’t in fashion/personal style as it just added a breath of fresh air.

Fashion360-Collage4(1) lunch at Carmines NYC // (2 + 3) cupcakes from Red Velvet Cupcakes

No conference is complete without food and Fashion 360 did an amazing job! We had Honest Tea, cupcakes, cookies, lunch, and more. Did I mention the gin?


(1) styling panel // (2) event space // (3) Off The Cuff // (4) Baggio girls! Sarah, Sydney, Norma and Fawn

For the second panel, I chose the Business of Styling. Fresh off the heels of School of Style I was intrigued, as the panelists were a different set of fashion insiders and stylists. The first half of the session veered off into trend territory but when we finally got back on track about the business side of styling I took away a lot of major, allbeit, things such as having goals and writing those goals down. Sometimes you just need to have a god idea repeated for it to finally sink in!

Fashion360-Collage5(1) me with Cameron! // (2) Cameron speaking // (3) Cameron with Sarah and Fawn

The main event was Cameron Silver speaking about his business, Decades, and life in fashion. It was so interesting to hear how, as a young person, he would travel singing and just collect pieces from thrift stores that would later become the inventory he used to open the vintage store in LA in 1977. In case you aren’t familiar with Cameron and his fun fashion sense, just google Dukes of Melrose. In case you aren’t familiar with his name, google Dukes of Melrose and know he wore an Hermes croc tie to the conference.

This was the first ever Fashion 360 and I was nothing less than impressed by the coordination and ease of the event. There were times when I felt rushed and wished the sessions had gone on longer, but that only speaks to the quality of the event and my level of engagement. I absolutely loved the educational nature of each panel as that is something I just haven’t been able to find in events in Richmond. The price of tickets is well worth it for the knowledge and connections made.

Thanks for hosting a great event District Fete! I’m looking forward to keeping up my fashion education with your future events.

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I loved this event and figured I would put all of my raving into one blog post!

All images via chicstripes instagram, my camera and Norma


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