#SchoolOfStyle: The Business of Styling

SchoolofStyleDCPopUpClass1Collage1(1) Classic selfie with coffee / (2) DC skyline + driving anxiety / (3) School of Style class

If you follow me on instagram, twitter or the blog (ok, so bascially follow me period), then you know I spent my weekend in DC at the School of Style class. When I found out they were coming to DC (only a 2 hour drive), I contacted their PR representatives and asked for a press pass. Can I just say how glad I am that I did? Despite the fact that I was highway robbery charged $28 for parking on Saturday, drove a total of 8 hours, and spent a total of 16 hours sitting, the class was great. Would it be worth paying the full registration fee of $575 great? Absolutely! Especially if you want to pursue styling in any sort (and believe me, there are more ways to do this than I had thought). Over the course of the two days I took 16 pages of notes and barely even glanced at my twitter/instgram acccounts for fear I would miss something important. So yes, pull out those Bejamins and get to the next class.

SchoolofStyleDCPopUpClass1Collage2(1) Luke Storey, wardrobe stylist in LA and CEO of School of Style / (2) elevator selfie / (3) the DC School of Style class

So on to some of what we covered! School of Style is seperated into three main classes: The Business of Styling, The Art of Styling, and The Shoot. These classes are designed specifically for those wanting to go into fashion styling (editorials, celebrity dressing, movie/music video/film production, etc.) and are geared towards the two cities you probably need to live in if you want to puruse these careers: LA and NYC. There are several stand alone classes such as an LA Tour that will take you to all of the insider places as well as Personal Styling which goes into all the details of that side of the industry. The biggest thing that School of Style will get you if you take all three classes in the series and become a “graduate,” is direct access to  internships, assistantships and jobs in the LA/NYC area. If you live in one of those areas, run, don’t walk, to the next class. Is the price expensive? Yes. About $1,500 for all three classes (plus travel and expenses). But is it worth it if you want to delve into the industry? Absolutely. Besides, it’s not rocket science. It styling is not rocket science, it just requires a lot of common sense, creativity, and ability to go with the flow.

2013-08-31 11.23.46What I loved most about this class is that styling was NOT portrayed like another episode of Rachel Zoe. It was described as gnarly (LA lingo I picked up), chaotic, unpredictiable, stressful, and crazy. But, just when you’re about to throw away your styling career forever, you get uber practical advice and step by step instructions as to what to do to get started. We covered budgets, receipts, taxes, prepping and wrapping a job, the “kit”, and even had a few homework assignment like: dress No Doubt for the Grammys and send a Sample Request letter along with the looks you would choose (FYI – Akris Spring 2013 for Gwen and Dquared2 Spring 2013 for the band were my choices). I won’t give away all their secrets because I highly recommend you taking a class, but we also learned simple things like: get a URL, make business cards, network (but not above your level!), and just commit.

I’ll be back Friday with a recap of Day 2, plus some DC insider secrets. I’m hoping School of Style will do a Pop Up class in Richmond as I know they would be welcomed, but for now, catch their classes in NYC.

Note: School of Style did not compensate me monetarily for this blog post nor did their PR representatives ask for a recap. I just loved the class AND signed up for the personal styling class in NYC in March. With my own Benjamins. So it’s legit.

Images from School of Style instagram, Chic Stripes instagram


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  1. Haha. There’s no way I’m doing 16 posts! I hope you enjoyed the 2 that I did. You can follow them on FB as well. If we ever meet up, I’ll tell you all about it!

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