Friday Chic: Blocking

2013.8.29BlockedFullI wore this to work yesterday and discovered it’s much more of my style than the last post. Less bright colors. More interesting layers/structure. Any time I get into a “I have nothing to wear” rut or begin flinging clothes all over, I try to refocus and think about what I can layer. I am a firm believer that layering = chic. Also, these shoes are amazing. I cannot walk in them, but they look great and that is the only reason why they have survived many closet clean-outs (note- for quick errands today it was all about the flat boot and these suckers were left in the floor board of my car).

2013.8.29BlockedFull22013.8.29Blocked2013.8.29BlockedBackHappy Friday!

Ps. Blog poll time: I have been asking questions at the end of each post in bold (where the “Happy Friday” line is). As readers do you find them: (a) annoying (b) too typical (c) you like ’em (d) ya don’t care either way. Please share in the comments as I want this to be a blog you enjoy reading/perusing!

Outfit details:

t-shirt – American Apparel / tank – thrifted / skirt – Worth via Baggio Consignment / heels – Target / earrings – Stella and Dot


5 thoughts on “Friday Chic: Blocking

  1. That skirt is so good. Kinda classic but also a little edgy. And fits perfectly. If I had emoticons on my keyboard I would now add a thumbs up!

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