Wednesday Chic: Choo 3 & all 2nd Hand

2013.8.20Choo3frontI may spend a decent amount of money on clothes (albeit consigned or thrifted clothes), and I may accumulate a lot (which in turn gets given away, donated or consigned when I am done), but I can’t ever be accused of not getting my CPW (cost per wear) out of items. Case in point? These Jimmy Choos. Price I paid: $85. Times they’ve graced my feet since purchase: 3. CPW: $28.5. That is approximately the price of a Target or Payless shoe these days and I have to say, I envision keeping these Choos around a lot longer than any Target shoe I’ve ever bought.

2013.8.20Choo3Back22013.8.20Choo3Close2013.8.20choo3backI’m also a huge fan of the fact that this entire outfit is 2nd hand (minus my earrings). I feel like such an accomplished shopper!

Do you consider CPW when shopping?

Outfit details:

top – vintage from B-Sides Thrift / jeans – J. Brand from Finicky Fox / pumps – Jimmy Choo from Baggio Consignment / bag – J. Crew from Plato’s Closet


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Chic: Choo 3 & all 2nd Hand

  1. What’s your favorite thrift store to frequent in Richmond, VA? I’ve been looking around and Goodwill seems too high.

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