Wednesday Chic: Choo Two

2013.8.12Choo2FullNot only do I need to wear a new item immediately, I need to wear it repeatedly. Case in point: this outfit. This was a work outfit for Monday morning and believe me when I say the Jimmy Choos totally made me power through the Monday blues. Of course, it could have had something to do with the Starbucks (brewed at home, loves).

2013.8.12Choo2Details2013.8.12Choo2Details22013.8.12Choo2Side2013.8.12Choo2ShoesBut then again, it really could be the shoes.

What is your secret for powering through a Monday? Lots of coffee? Diet Coke? Red lipstick?

Outfit details:

tank – Forever 21 / pants – Guess / sweater – See by Chloe via Clementine Consignment / scarf – Ava Love / shoes – Jimmy Choo via Baggio Consignment / earrings – Stella and Dot / ring – vintage / bracelets – thrifted

PS. I know you all were deathly worried about my computer issues. Well I’m happy to report they are fixed! Sorta. Turns out the track pad is completely broken (it thinks it’s working, but isn’t), but nothing a little corded mouse can’t solve. Check it on instagram (chicstripes) for the new tech chic.

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