Monday Chic: New Choos

2013.8.10ChooDo you ever buy something new, fall in love and have the need to wear it immediately? You do? Good, me too. In fact, it happened to me this weekend. If you follow me on instagram (chicstripes), then you saw these there : my first ever pair of Jimmy Choo’s. I love them so much that I took them out on a gelato date night with my husband. They may have been a tad dressy for a friends and family kind of joint, but I just couldn’t say no. After all, there’s nothing a little paisley can’t do to improve an outfit.

JimmyChooWhat purchase have you made that was your “first”?

Outfit details:

t-shirt – J. Crew / shorts – Target / watch – Citizen stolen from my husband / heels – Jimmy Choo via Baggio Consignment

PS. I’m having some computer issues at the moment (my good laptop, aka the one with all of my photos, software, etc) has decided to stop working mouse wise, won’t install a wireless mouse, and who knows how to make things work with just the keyboard! SO, I may have some delayed posts after today, but please keep up with me on twitter, facebook and instagram! And send me your good wishes for a speedy computer recovery (that and Mac book recommendations!).


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