Midweek Chic: Longevity

2013.7.30LongevityFullThe best thing about buying quality over quantity is the curated and timeless wardrobe that you are able to achieve. This can be amazingly satisfying, but also antagonizingly slow. Not everyone has the budget to re-create their wardrobe in one afternoon, so most of us are left to slowly add pieces that contribute in some meaningful way to our closets. Shopping 2nd hand 1st this past year has shown me just how often I would browse the Target clearance racks looking solely for a good deal while often ignoring the fact that I would only wear that shirt dress twice before relegating it to my give away pile. I’ve also realized that I enjoy saving up to purchase a designer pair of [insert shoes, jacket, accessory, etc. here] I’ve had my eye on, knowing that while I may pay more, the quality of what I have purchased is far superior (think leathers, soles, fabrics, details) than what I usually find at fast fashion stores. This is one of my favorite outfits and while it is a mix of high and low, every piece is a separate that I’ve gone to over and over again because each piece is classic, well-cut, and a color that will last through many seasons.

2013.7.30LongevityDetails 2013.7.30LongevitySideThe tricks to shopping fast fashion (if you must) and making it look great?

  • Look for quality materials: thick fabrics, lined pieces such as skirts or blazers, finished hems, etc.
  • Buy classic colors. A black t-shirt from H&M (see above) can be worn for many more years and in far more outfits than that cute one adorned with hearts.
  • Find streamlined cuts and silhouettes (and/or invest in a tailor). Something that is fitted to you will look far more expensive than an expensive item that doesn’t fit right. You may resist paying to have a cheap item tailored, but if you have found something in a quality material and classic color, it could be the right investment.
  • Wash with care. Fast fashion pieces may be prone to piling or fading with frequent washing. If you love that $21 Forever 21 piece, you might want to consider washing, or even dry cleaning to preserve the item’s shelf life.

What are your shopping habits? Do you have a closet full of Target clearance items or Forever 21 pieces? Do you spend too much on high-end pieces? How do you mix and match?

Outfit details:

top – H&M / skirt – American Apparel / sweater – See by Chloe via Clementine Consignment / wedges – Aldo / bracelet – thrifted / earrings – Stella and Dot


3 thoughts on “Midweek Chic: Longevity

  1. I get so sad when I find a cute dress at Forever 21, and then after one wash, it shrinks into a tanktop! such a bummer. But some of my favorite things have come from the Target clearance rack! haha

    P.S. Those shoes are SO cute!

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