Sydney Page Style: Jessica, Shopping

_MG_3141-2_MG_3130The best part about shopping, and helping someone shop, is finding those few great items that make them feel amazing. And while it may sound simple, that was our sole mission during the second half of my styling session with Jessica (video here, 1st half here). To jump start the process, I headed to Cato’s early (who had gifted me with two $25 gift cards!) and pulled varying looks for Jessica that matched our list: stripes, colors, breezy fabrics and pieces that would fit her lifestyle needs. Let’s just say we ended up with a very full dressing room.

_MG_3173_MG_3217_MG_3178I had Jessica try on each item and we critiqued it from top to bottom: the fit, the color, where she would wear it, how she would wear it, the price, the neckline, the hem. I strongly believe that if you do not love something, no matter how well something fits or even at a great price, you should not buy it. It will only serve to gather dust and end up in that next Goodwill giveaway bag.

_MG_3204_MG_3185_MG_3207After dressing room session round one, we ventured back into the store for a final pass, where Jessica pulled several items herself. Again, we went through and critiqued them all, and finally came out with a list of winners:

  • Navy and white striped 3/4th length sleeved blazer
  • Coral cropped pants (pictured)
  • Cobalt blue lightweight flowy top (pictured)
  • Cream sleeveless top with lace embroidery on the neckline
  • Teal sleeveless top (pictured)
  • Soft blue short sleeve top
  • Ivory long sleeve top with studded collar (pictured)

Of course we used our $50 towards Cato’s, but the final bill came to just $80 for the perfect summer wardrobe that can be mixed and matched, worn on a date with her husband, to the park with her child, or to work teaching a class of elementary students.

_MG_3230Styling isn’t all fun and games. We were at the store for no less than two hours, after our initial closet session. We were faced with not enough small, petite sizes (Cato’s caters to the “average” size 4-plus woman). We ran around the store pulling half the racks off. It was a long, tiring day. But seeing Jessica smile, getting so excited over finding new items to pull her wardrobe together, and being able to bless my friend in some small way (thanks largely in part to Cato Fashion’s!) makes all of the hard work worth every blister on my heeled foot.

Cato Fashions provided me with two $25 gift cards to be used to shop in their store, which were gifted to the client. Video and photography commissioned by Kaytee Lauren Photography.


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