Sydney Page Style: Jessica

A few weeks ago I styled Jessica. Jessica is a wife, mother, teacher and good friend (she played viola in my wedding and is one of the few “friends with babies” I enjoy being around). I have always played fashion fairy godmother to Jessica, advising her on hair, styles, and convincing her to get out of the skater phase (love you!). She is in a very different life stage than when we first met, and has been looking to create a wardrobe that reflects the many aspects of her life.

This week’s posts are all about our session. Today you’ll see a fun video which showcases our session from start to finish, Wednesday shows how we kicked off the session (wardrobe clean out!) and Friday will bring out some of our favorite looks, how we got them, and what we ended up passing on, including a price breakdown.

We had a ton of fun, and it was the perfect day of shopping, gigling, and coming out with a very happy client. Stay tuned all week for more photos and details!

Cato Fashions provided me with two $25 gift cards to be used to shop in their store, which were gifted to the client. Video and photography commissioned by Kaytee Lauren Photography.

Pssst. I’m at the beach this week but can still be found on all the usual social media outlets!


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