Midweek Chic: Modern Tom Boy

2013.7.5ModernTomBoyOne of my claims to fame growing up was my ability to hang with the boys. There were a shortage of girls in my neighborhood so me and my best boy neighborhood friend spent our days building forts in the woods from chicken wire, old sticks and pine needles; going “mud-stomping” in our creek when the tide was low; and playing, not with Barbies, but with G.I. Joes. We also spent a good amount of time climbing trees and trying to best each other in running (confession: one of my dad’s proudest moments was when I climbed a rope faster than any other boy in gym class). This might be why I tend to veer away from typically girly looks and am drawn to things that are slightly more androgynous. Enter: High fashion. Fashion is often a fantasy and a realm for imagination. Sometimes it’s also a space where boundaries can be pushed and pieces can be just on the cool side of ugly. The ultimate is Marni. Go ahead. Click on over and tell me how much of their stuff is just “weird.”

2013.7.5ModernTomBoyShoes2013.7.5ModernTomBoyDetails2013.7.5ModernTomBoySmileConsuele Castiglioni, the label’s founder and designer, must have been a tom boy growing up. There is no other way she can produce such amazing pieces that retain just a hint of femininity, like the adorable navy bow on my sandals, while still retaining a uber cool city chic look, like the contrasting grey platform and cognac brown straps. There is no doubt in my mind that the women who gravitate toward’s her designs also have that little bit of tom boy in them as well.

Is there a label or brand that is totally “you”? If so, which one is it? 

Outfit details:

tank – Forever 21 / vest – Guess dress worn as vest, thrifted / jeans- H&M / earrings – Stella and Dot / bracelet – vintage from my grandmother / sandals – Marni, consignment


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