Friday Chic: Festival Ready

2013.6.9FestivalSunglassesSmileAs mentioned in Monday’s post, one of last weekend’s events included the 1st Annual Richmond Bacon Festival. Richmond lays claim to many officials titles such as the best outdoor town, the 3rd most tattooed city in America, and of course, being the state’s Capital. Unofficially, Richmond is also pretty cool with restaurants featured in the likes of Southern Living and the Foodnetwork’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, famous people coming here, historic sites a plenty, but of course, the fesitvals: the nationally recognized Folk Festival, the local Carytown Watermelon Festival, the sports, outdoors and music lovers Dominion River Rock and the list literally goes on (and on and on and on). So needless to say, being able to dress for festivals is imperative here. As this week’s maxi skirt series shows, they are an easy fashion fix for most festivals here. Especially when worn casual with a tee or tank, low slung belt, espidrilles and sunglasses, you’ll be ready to eat, dance, walk or jam to your hearts content while still looking chic.

2013.6.9FestivalSmile2013.6.9FestivalDetails2013.6.9Festival2013.6.9FestivalShoesDoes your city/town have festivals? Would you consider a maxi as a one day festival option?

Pssst. This whole outfit (minus the top) was thrifted!

Outfit details:

top – United Colors of Benetton / maxi skirt – thrifted / belt – thrifted / shoes – thrifted / earrings – vendor from Maho Bay in St. John, USVI / sunglasses – thrifted


2 thoughts on “Friday Chic: Festival Ready

  1. I am so bummed that I am out of town for the Vegetarian Festival this weekend! I do struggle with festival attire, comfy and chic is always a struggle!

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