Monday Chic: All Dressed Up

2013.6.3DressedUpHappy Monday! I can’t tell you how good it feels to be back on a regular schedule, getting to the gym, and staying busying with very “Richmond” things (think happy hour at a fine arts museum and a Bacon Festival). I’m glad you tuned in this morning and hope you’ll check back all week because see that nice teal maxi skirt up there? It’s making repeat visits all this week, but in three very different outfits. I first hauled this skirt here and, to be honest, was quite skeptical about how much wear it has gotten. But after I reached for it the first time I realized just how versatile (not to mention comfy) it is. For today’s look, I styled it up with a lace top, heeled sandals and a blazer. I wore this to work but can easily see a similar look worn to a wedding, an evening date, or any occasion that requires a slightly more done up look. I topped the whole look off with a vintage Ralph Lauren chain and coin necklace I found while antiquing, 2nd best to consignment when it comes to finding true wardrobe investment pieces.

2013.6.3DressedUpSitting2013.6.3DressedUpDetails2013.6.3DressedUpWalkingAfter my lone black maxi skirt (and all of my dresses) received hardly any wear last summer, I had almost relegated this style to the younger set. But I’m glad this $5 skirt has given me reason to try out this look again!

Are you into maxi-skirt/dresses? Do you always wear them casual or have you dressed them up? 

Outfit details:

lace top – Forever 21, via Plato’s Closet / blazer – Forever 21 / skirt – thrifted / sandals – Aldo / necklace – Ralph Lauren via The Nest Antique store 

2 thoughts on “Monday Chic: All Dressed Up

  1. I had a black maxi skirt that I LOVED last summer but I accidentally donated a whole BAG of my favorite summer clothes… and that was one of the pieces :( I’ve been so sad! I need to find a replacement!

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