Guest Post: A Food Blogger with Great (2nd hand!) Style

2013.4.26 Guest Post - Liz picture for sydneyOutfit details: skirt – thrifted / belt – thrifted / t-shirt – Target / flats – Target / necklace – thrifted  

Hi everyone! I’m Liz, the blogger behind I Heart Vegetables. I’m a food blogger who is obsessed with her vegetables, and I love whipping up super easy dishes in the kitchen. I absolutely love Sydney’s blog, because I think she’s not only a fashion icon, but she’s also amazing at second hand styling! I’ve even gone on one of her shopping adventures around the city, and I found some new pieces to add to my closest. But I’m sure you already know how awesome Sydney is!

Now, let’s talk fashion. This is not my area of expertise, but I do love thrift stores and consignment shops, and I’d say at least half my wardrobe has been shopped second hand. It’s just a great way to find original pieces, and it’s way more affordable! So here is one of my favorite outfits, featuring a few thifted pieces (as well as some Target basics!) This whole outfit probably cost less than $50.

I’m only 5’4″ and I’ve got some curves, so I like the where this skirt hits, and the t-shirt makes this outfit super comfortable. Since I was wearing this outfit to work, I dressed it up with a necklace that I got at an Alzheimer’s fundraising garage sale back in college.

I think I should call my style “Thrifted with a side of Target”. I love Target for basic pieces, but I hesitate to buy specific dresses and sweaters, because I fear I’ll run into someone else at work wearing the same one. That’s the downside. The upside is that they have great basics for cheap! And no one has to know where it came from.

My personal tips for thrifting?

  • Don’t buy it just because it’s cheap! Buy only things you absolutely love. I have had to get strict with myself, limiting what I have in my closet.
  • Check for wear. Sometimes it’s hard to tell in the lighting, but blacks fade easily, and zippers can get jammed. Make sure your piece still has some wear left in it!
  • Bring an honest friend! That’s what’s great about shopping with Sydney, or other stylish friends. They can keep you honest about what really works for you.

What would you call your style?

Thank you Liz for a great guest post! I love seeing other people rock their 2nd hand items! What do you think readers? Like seeing other’s with great 2nd hand style?


3 thoughts on “Guest Post: A Food Blogger with Great (2nd hand!) Style

  1. Thanks for stopping by Fran! I love thrifting as well and I saw in your about that you love to read. Me too! Would love to know your latest book recommendations. :)

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