Midweek Chic: A Treat


Before my BFF came into town, I bought myself a little present: this adorable, and quite large, clutch from Leney. She just started making these and I think they are set to be a hit. Super cute, easy to store, and colors to match anything. Naturally I took my little treat out on a photo shoot. It just goes with everything!2013.3.29Treat2 2013.3.29TreatBagCollage 2013.3.29TreatDetails 2013.3.29TreatSideDo you ever take your new treats out for a photo-shoot…or is that just me?

Outfit details:

sweater – thrifted / cardigan – GAP / jeans – H&M / boots-Atrex / clutch – A Girl Named Leney / scarf – consigned from Tunic


4 thoughts on “Midweek Chic: A Treat

  1. What a cute clutch! I love the soft colors – very 1970s in the color palette – so you are right, perfect to go with any outfit.
    I am still warming up to putting my face on more blog posts. Maybe I will do a photoshoot with “new treats” sometime this summer?


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