Week/end Review

My great plan to pre-write all my blog posts during the week my BFF was in town in order to keep all you readers busy completely backfired on me when I was in recovery and catch up mode all last week and didn’t. post. a. thing. So, back to business this week, but first a little week/weekend review!


Tuesday PM – BFF arrives and we break open our bottle of bubbly and top it off with one of my go-to recipes (post coming soon to another blog near you;)).

Wednesday – I take BFF shopping, but since I’m only shopping 2nd hand, we hit up a few of my favorite consignment stores (Finicky Fox, Baggio), plus a new to me one (Indigo Ave), and the sister stores in Carytown (Clemetine and Ashby where I scored my only purchases of the day). We also managed to scout a location for the photo shoot we had planned for the next day with DC model Melanie.

Thursday – Shoot day! I got to style and do hair, while BFF did her photographer thing and Melanie did her modeling thing. We had so much fun with all of the beauty looks plus location looks. I can’t wait to share them!

Friday – spent most of the day relaxing, drinking coffee and watching Pitch Perfect and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. We also spent a fun three hours at the VMFA happy hour with our share of wine and pizza plus got to enjoy the company of Liz and Lindsay!

 Saturday – Spent the day with my family eating the best Indian food in Virginia (Nawab) and watching home videos.

Sunday – Woke up and realized our Catman had gone missing, sans collar! He snuck out late the night before and as soon as we found out we started our cat hunt, complete with photos, twitter messages, emails to our neighborhood association, and door to door flyers. The hunt lasted all day and we finally stopped, put a bowl of food out and just waited. During our pre-bed check late Sunday night, we spotted him creeping up the side of our porch. We were thrilled he was back and so thankful for all who helped track us him down.

This past weekend – the RVA FB clothing swap! Definitely one of the highlights of the weekend (can’t leave out date night with husband), the clothing swap was a huge success. We had a great turn out of about 16 ladies and everyone went away with something they loved or got rid of something that was just taking up closet space. I came away with a J. Crew necklace, Joe Fresh dress, some lovely chevron, a deep purple shirt and neutral pearls. A great (free) haul!

Since I’ve been out of the loop for a week or so, fill me in!


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