Event: A Thrift Crawl

2013.3.23ThriftCrawlPantsSkirtWhat I didn’t get: kelly green skinny pants, plaid H&M skinny pants, vintage cream wool and fully lined skirt.

I adore a good thrift haul and it’s something I haven’t done nearly enough lately. Well I’m on a mission to change that while adding friends to the mix. I hosted an “unofficial” thrift event this past February and it was so fun to have Liz and another work friend join in on the thrifting craze. For my event in March, which came to be termed a “thrift crawl,” I opened it up to all bloggers in Richmond. And…no one came. But please don’t feel sorry for me, feel sorry for everyone else who missed out on the world of goodies I found for under $10.  My thrift crawl featured three thrift stores with a pit stop at u-Fab (I’m also on the hunt for the perfect fabric to make curtains for my living room. Ambitious, I know).

2013.3.23ThriftCrawlItemsPurchased2The first photo features what I didn’t get (no thrift regrets there) as I am just not a colored or patterned pants girl, try as I might. I was sorely tempted on the cream skirt as it’s right up my alley, but a few picks here and there and less than stellar fit caused me to put it back on the rack. What I did get is: navy blue clutch with gold handle ($3), DKNY sweater ($1), patterned scarf ($1), oxblood clutch ($3).

2013.3.23CityThriftEvent-CigarBoxFrameYou’ll be happy to know that I wasn’t just thinking of myself on my little trip – I had my husband and our home in mind too. I found a perfect condition cigar box (I LOVE cigar boxes which I contribute to my stint as a hostess at The Tobacco Company) that now sits on our media console and holds our coasters. I also grabbed a cute ringed silver frame. In our apartment, we had a wall of frames with silver frames of all kind. I’m hoping to add this to our new home, so keep an eye out for that next year (seriously – we just now painted and we’ve lived here for 6 months).

And for the record, I’ll be sending personal invites to my next event, May 11, so mark  your calendars now and get ready to be annoyed with emails, tweets, and texts. Because I like friends when I shop. It’s good for convincing you to buy that sequined top from the 80s.


7 thoughts on “Event: A Thrift Crawl

  1. I’m new to the Richmond area and haven’t made it to any of the thrift stores yet. I hope you host another thrift crawl. Would love to join you.

  2. Oh no! I’m sorry I couldn’t make it. I had so much fun with you on the first adventure!

    That cigar box is awesome! (P.S. did you make to the fashion bloggers meet up at TC? I went but had to leave early!)

  3. Sorry I missed your trip – my girlfriend’s bday was that day so we were out and about while I kept seeing your fun finds on Twitter! I love the Hermes-esque scarf, so beautiful.

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