Friday Chic: The 90s Called…

2013.3.2490s2See outfit details – but every item is 2nd hand

…And they want their sweater back. Or so say’s my husband on my $1 thrifted DKNY sweater. Personally, I think a throwback to the 90’s is always welcome, especially when paired with modern rolled jeans and a sharp pointy toe heel. I scored this during my thrift crawl (post to come next week) and even turned down a cream vintage skirt in favor of this gem. My mom will be disappointed that I wore it prior to taking it to be dry cleaned, but then that’s just the power of a good 90’s sweater.

Outfit details:

DKNY sweater – thrifted (Fantastic Thrift) / jeans – J. Brand (Finicky Fox) / heels – Stuart Weitzman (Baggio) / bag – Dooney and Bourke (Bargain Box) 

Ps. Thank you to everyone who voted for Chic Stripes Styling in the i.e.* Start-Up Competition. It’s been a great way of getting my business out there! Winners will be announced this afternoon. 


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