Shopping Trip: Finicky Fox

FF-BillBlassI love a good consignment trip and I am looking forward to actually going and buying when my best friend comes into town next week. I have a whole itinerary planned that includes no less than 5 stops. And since I haven’t really been buying much, I’m looking forward to do more than trying on! The first item in this trip, was this Bill Blass top of which I loved the color, but felt overall it was too tight with excessive bunching in the arms. Passed.

FF-JCrewGreat quality cream J. Crew sweater, only much too tight and boxy when on. Pass again.

FF-CabiOversized Cabi cape sweater. Cute in theory, but looks like a small blanket on me that no belt could rectify.

FF-JCrewCordsI’m still trying to expand my wardrobe to include bright pants, but despite a great color and brand, the matchstick style did nothing for me.

FF-AChengI long admired this a. cheng cape – great construction, color and material – and finally tried it on. I felt at the time that it was too big and I wouldn’t get much wear out of it. I passed. And felt immediate regret upon driving out of the parking lot. Two weeks later I went back in search of this cape – and it was gone! I even went so far as to see if they had pulled it for donation and it might be in the back (no such luck). While it would have been a good addition, I didn’t need this piece and even at 50% off, that would have been more than I wanted to spend for an accessory item.

FF-BananaRepublicStripesLast but not least, I tried this striped top that could have been a fun, casual piece. But it was way to large even for lounging. So pass again with no purchases. But that’s just because I’m saving up for my trips next week. Get ready for some good purchases – maybe even a video? Happy Wednesday!

Ps. If you haven’t voted yet, there’s still time! Click this link, scroll down to Chic Stripes Styling, and vote! 


4 thoughts on “Shopping Trip: Finicky Fox

  1. This is why you are good at shopping 2nd hand and I am not. I would fall in love with something and even if it didn’t fit quite right, I would think that I could make it work and then end up never wearing it. The secret is only buy things that fit! Easier said than done.

  2. It’s a battle every time! Living in a house with 1950s closets helps too as I really have no room for lots of things. Helps with closet curration.

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