Events: i.e.* Start-Up Competition – Voting Starts NOW

ieStartUpCollagei.e.* logo and the Chic Stripes Styling 100 word competition entry!

Richmond, Virginia is many things: capital of PBR drinkers, lover of hipsters and locally brewed coffee, rising star in the craft beer world, home to artists galore and, probably more than any of these, a city that encourages creativity. i.e.* is a “collaborative community initiative to support and accelerate cross-industry creativity & innovation in the Richmond region” and a product of the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce. One of the ways in which they are encouraging creativity is to sponsor their Start-Up competition, now in their 2nd year of running. And this year, I’m a competitor!

ieStartUpChicStripesMentorNightMy name tag from the Mentor night and many thanks to Kaytee who came with!

The way it works is this: if you have a small business up and running for less than a year, or not running yet (this is me), then you could enter a 100 word description of your business describing what you do, your target audience, how you will market your business and how you will fill a market need. Tall order for 100 words, right? My entry is below and the focus has come a long way from when I started my blog in 2009:

Chic Stripes Styling’s MO is shopping 2nd hand 1st. Need a new blazer? Head to your local thrift store. Craving a pair of red-soled shoes? Check out the high-end consignment boutique. Want to re-do your wardrobe as your life responsibilities shift? Sign up with Chic Stripes Styling – the only Richmond-based personal style consultant who will help craft a streamlined wardrobe filled with investment pieces by shopping second hand. With a built in audience from style blog collaborations with GRID, RVA Fashion Week, and, CCS is ready to help Richmond live life by dressing up while shopping 2nd hand 1st.

I am so excited for this opportunity, but need you to help get me there! Here’s how it works:

  1. Head to this link:
  2. Find Chic Stripes Styling
  3. Vote! 3 times – March 26, March 27, and March 28

Out of the 105 applicants, 15 will be chosen as finalists for a live pitch of their idea. The winner will receive $10,000 start up funds, six months of free office space, IT funds, and mentoring. There are some very creative applicants this year, but I hope your vote will be with Chic Stripes!

*Note: this is NOT a sponsored post and was not prompted by i.e.* or the Greater Richmond Chamber. I am sharing this to work towards the start of my business and to encourage you to vote!


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