Monday Chic: Elementary My Dear Watson

2013.3.14ElementaryFarWhen I find something I like I can’t help but wear it on repeat. Exhibit A: this La Vogue Blazer purchased at Pieces Consignment and Boutique. Purchased it on a Friday. Wore it on a Friday. Then wore it again just a few days later. I’m smitten with the design and fabric (wool and fully lined) and can’t help but thinking I look like an extra in a Sherlock Holmes novel. All that’s missing is a pipe and cap.

2013.3.14ElementaryClose2013.3.14ElementaryDetails2013.3.14Elementarysmiling2013.3.14ElementarySummaryCardWhat do you do with your new items? Do you save them up for a specific event or do you wear them as much as possible until that newness wears off? What do you wear on repeat?


3 thoughts on “Monday Chic: Elementary My Dear Watson

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